Thursday, 31 January 2013

Review: Instinct - "The Cold Return"

"The Cold Return" is a purely ambient 3-track offering from UK BM artist Instinct. I was lucky enough to obtain one of the limited release of cassettes (from the 2nd run, I believe). I've been trying to get round to writing a review of this great demo for weeks, but real life keeps getting in the way, so this review will not be the literary masterpiece I had planned.

When I posted this on my other blog a couple of years ago, I wrote "...unlike most BM-related amateurish synth-noodlings, this is Dark Ambient done properly; sparse, brooding, and ominous, evoking bleak and desolate landscapes..." and I stand by that statement. Technically, this is probably pushing my boundaries of what is and isn't "Winter Synth", as it does have more of a textural Dark Ambient sound than most other releases in this field. However, I'm the boss here, so it stays.

I will leave you with the few phrases I had tapped into my phones notepad, which were going to end up in my "proper" review:

"...cavernous, keening drone like a sombre wind..."
"... portraying the desolate nature of ice..."
"...the otherworldly aspects of the landscape..."

Deep, huh?

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